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Magic – Part 2

As a child I had delusions of self-sufficiency.  I could build a home or weaves my clothes from blades of grass, set up imaginary stores of goods for an imaginary winter, or repurpose the everyday items of home into survival … Continue reading

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Magic – Part 1

I’m like Popeye.  I am what I am.  I suppose that also makes me like God, the I am.  I can’t change my beliefs or my broken symbology.  I can’t change my past.  I can move forward.  In fact, I … Continue reading

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Where to Begin?

I waded into the morass that is modern misogyny in my post about shopping in a gendered world and you’ll see a lot more calling out of ridiculously sexist and absurdly anti-woman things on this blog.  But I’ve run into … Continue reading

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The Magic of David Foster Wallace

My first experience with David Foster Wallace was reading Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity.  And when I say “reading” I don’t mean to suggest that I finished the book.  I read the first chapter and threw it … Continue reading

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A New Interpretation of Old Experiences

One of the things you will notice, if you ever have the strange experience of losing a set of deeply held beliefs, is that, at some point, you realize your old experiences are still valid.  When they stopped meaning what … Continue reading

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Shopping in a Gendered World

Next week I start a job as a harvest intern in a winery.  This job entails being outside in all kinds of weather, getting wet, and working with heavy machinery and serious chemicals.  So before harvest began in earnest I … Continue reading

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