Holiday Traditions

I absolutely love the holidays, I mean, who doesn’t?  I love getting to do the same things every year with the same people that I love the most.  It is comforting and helps keep me connected to family and friends who live too far away to see any other time in the year. Recently though, I’ve found myself at a bit of an impasse.  The holiday traditions that I’ve most deeply cherished are either particularly religious or more suited to folks young enough to wear footie pajamas.  I’m not going to be putting cookies out for Santa or lighting Advent candles.  Then what new traditions can I start?  I want to cultivate some traditions that I can go back to each holiday season and find new joys in.  I want those traditions to be able to grow with my family and be portable (god, we’ve moved a lot in the last few years).  Anyone have any good ideas? Here’s some of my ideas so far:

  • Bake, Bake Bake! – Find some signature holiday baked goods and make a whole mess of them to give away (and to gorge on myself, obviously).  This year I’m trying out a Apple Cider Caramels from Smitten Kitchen.

Portable? Yes!  Can grow with family? Yes! Delicious? An unseemly amount of yes.

  • Sweaters – Buy and wear ridiculous Christmas sweaters.  Make my husband do the same.  Portable? Yes! Can grow with family? I believe sweaters come in little sizes too, so, yes!  Adorable family portrait opportunity? Yes!  Overtones of hipsterism?  Unfortunately also yes.
  • Stay up late and drink Champagne – Old tradition, moved a week forward.  Wouldn’t it be nice to look at the Christmas tree, light some candles, and listen to some Mannheim Steamroller with your significant other?  Portable? Yes!  Can grow with family?  I don’t know, how sober do you have to be to wrap last minute gifts and eat Santa’s cookies?  Do I like Champagne at all?  No.

    Any other ideas?  I’m open to any and all suggestions even if it involves the religious aspects of Christmas (unless my unbelief would be offensive to the other participants).  What does your family do for the holiday season?  What have you been wishing they would do?

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