These Are the Critters in Your Neighborhood…

I went on a bit of a walk today on a trail that connects Keuka and Seneca Lakes, the Outlet trail.  It’s a lovely trail- flat, broad, well-maintained, and following closely the fast and absorbing outlet itself.  The outlet allows the water level of the smaller Keuka Lake be managed by letting excess be let out into the much larger Seneca Lake.  It’s a bit of wilderness in a fairly built up area.  Here is some of the evidence of the neighbors we share this trail with.


Squirrel? Mouse? Beaver? No, these are rabbit tracks, and of a rabbit in a hurry indeed.  Mustn’t be late for a very important date?

DogDog, of course.  Lots of people take advantage of the seven mile trail to give their cooped up pups some much needed exercise.  It’s a long walk though, I saw little evidence of the tinier paw prints of small dogs.  Either small dogs don’t frequent the trails or else their owners give up on dragging them along and simply carry them.

RaccoonThese tiny prints, thumbs and all, belong to a raccoon.  I think.  I debated long and hard over these belonging to a raccoon or an opossum but I finally came down on the side of the raccoon.  Look at how very carefully these prints were made, no smudging or wiggling.  Must be done by the most fastidious of forest creatures, one of those hand-washing, lock-picking, masked burglars of a raccoon.
Old PersonAnd what trail neighbor could leave such a perfectly circular track?  That would be the the Cane, a tame animal often accompanying the elderly folk who use the trail.

Who’s in your neighborhood?

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2 Responses to These Are the Critters in Your Neighborhood…

  1. janineyork says:

    The cane critter, haha! Love it! The raccoon, by the perfect description a logical conclusion indeed.

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