The Outlet Trail

This week’s weather, with temps down in the single digits, has not been conducive to getting outside much.  Cooped inside all week makes me long for some sunshine and fresh air.  Since the only fresh air to be had is blasting winds carrying this little icy bits that hurt when they blow over you, I’m just going to have to imagine the outside time that I want.  I’m choosing to remember last weekend when we all reveled in a unseasonably warm 45 degrees and I got to hike more of the Outlet Trail that winds between Dresden, on Seneca Lake, to Penn Yan, on Keuka Lake.  Here were some of the most exciting elements.

Troubled bridge over regular water

This bridge.  This bridge is literally in the middle of the woods.  There is no road that connects to it on either side.  There isn’t any sign of old roads that might have connected it.  And, it really would do any good if any roads did lead to it?  I suspect though, if given enough time, the vines might get dense enough to safely cross over.

But this bridge is not the only strange thing abandoned in these woods.  For example, there is also a tire store.

Kelly Tire!It’s an outlet store on an outlet trail!  Isn’t that witty?  Again, no road.  No explanation.  The tire store is in a cluster of maybe half a dozen buildings that are all abandoned.  There is a factory.

IMG_6680There is no signage, old or new, to suggest what have been made or stored here.  But that’s one hell of a furnace.  There’s a broken conveyer belt in the flooded basement as well.

What, and to Where, did it convey?In general the place is spooky and clearly in need of condemning.  But parts of the structure don’t look that old, maybe built in the last thirty years or so.  What did they do here?  Why here?  What happened to make the enterprise no longer worth the effort?

A window, for light

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