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Perfect Fear Drives Out Love

This is part one of a documentary by BBC journalist, Louis Theroux, about the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.  Everyone is familiar with Westboro’s neon signs and shameless choices of picketing venues.  No one needs a reason to despise them more, … Continue reading

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Kelly’s Judgement vs. Ron’s Judgement

This trailer is for a movie about a woman’s decision to pursue “courtship” instead of dating in order to find a husband and how her “spiritual parents” help her do this when her natural parents won’t.  If you’re unfamiliar with … Continue reading

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Dress Code

What I take from this video is that a dapper suit and tie is required for getting into heaven.  And that, possibly, the pearly gates are on the soundstage for Mad Men.  I always pegged God as a mid-century modernist.

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O Henry

I know that this blog can get a little heavy sometimes.  I talk about oppression and the silencing of minority voices.  I talk about how women and people in the LGBTQ spectrum are treated like inferiors, like filthy abstractions.  It … Continue reading

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Misunderstood Labels

I had an argument with my husband while we were dating.  We were watching the news and some talking head had called a politician “liberal.”  He groaned about such an epithet being thrown around a candidate he liked.  “An epithet? … Continue reading

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An Automatic “F” for Plagiarized Quotes of Exceeding Hubris

It should be clear by now that I kinda like getting upset over folks who say things that are demeaning, libelous, cruel, or just plain wrong about marginalized groups of people (including many kind and courteous Christians who’s image is … Continue reading

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Whatever You Did For the Least of These…

I was trolling around the internet tonight looking for something crazy and offensive to write about because my milder post ideas seemed lame and tired.  I think I’m just feeling lame and tired because even when I found really* juicy** … Continue reading

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