O Henry

I know that this blog can get a little heavy sometimes.  I talk about oppression and the silencing of minority voices.  I talk about how women and people in the LGBTQ spectrum are treated like inferiors, like filthy abstractions.  It can be a big bummer.  How do I stay upbeat when I focus on such ugly truths?

The answer is Henry, my badger/parrot hybrid that looks suspiciously cat-like.

Here he is:


That little pink nose gets me every time!

Yellow Squash or Kitty Cat?

Why did I say he was a badger/parrot hybrid?  For one, he eats like a badger, or maybe a racoon, or a goat?  He’ll eat anything.  He loves raw potatoes like nothing else.  He’ll steal them if need be.

Stew?  No thanks, I'll have mine raw.

But he likes cucumbers too.  In fact, he’ll take them right out of the produce basket at night.  This is what I find in the morning:


But then there’s the parrot thing, why a parrot?  Henry loves only one thing more than raw potatoes, hanging out on August’s shoulders.  He doesn’t hang out with his nails, or even any effort at all really, he just sort of lolls there watching the world go by.


Henry keeps my spirits up and I’m hoping he’ll help keep yours up too.  You’ll see some of his antics every so often here to lighten the mood.

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2 Responses to O Henry

  1. Megan says:

    Does he hang out on your shoulder at all?

    • No, almost never. I have much smaller shoulders that are much closer to the ground than August’s. Also, Henry loves August much more than he loves me. But that’s ok, Natasha loves me more than August.

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