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Henry Pulls His Own Weight

  Henry has noticed that the apartment has been looking shabby recently.  He has decided to help with some of the chores. Henry gets caught just sweeping the mess under the rug.  Maybe there is something else you could help … Continue reading

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Christians as Exiles vs. Christians as Rulers

There are two veins of thought in current, mainstream Evangelicalism (shortened here to CME).  One paints Christians as exiles in this world, as aliens and foreigners, just waiting for their great homecoming.  The other puts Christians in a position of … Continue reading

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Men, Power, and Femininity

Lately I’ve been wondering about the meeting place of femininity and power.  Specifically I’ve noticed that men who have a lot of power, whether that be financial, political, or religious, are allowed much greater latitude in their expression of traditionally feminine traits. … Continue reading

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Ten Year Anniversary

Guys, I am celebrating a big anniversary.  It’s been ten years!  Rather, it’s somewhere around ten years, the exact date is forgotten, since I made the decision kind of rashly and was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it.  Eventually … Continue reading

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