Henry Pulls His Own Weight


Henry has noticed that the apartment has been looking shabby recently.  He has decided to help with some of the chores.

Henry gets caught just sweeping the mess under the rug.  Maybe there is something else you could help with instead?



The laundry!  There is always more laundry to be done.  Don’t forget the fabric softener Henry!

Cold water wash only.


Henry, we generally don’t put ourselves into the laundry, it’s a little wet and jostle-y for comfort.  Let’s find you something else.

Don't declaw your cats, friends, it impedes their helpfulness as a shredder.

Bill shredder!  Henry, you’re destructive habits finally have an appropriate outlet!

Dead exhausted.

All pooped out!

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1 Response to Henry Pulls His Own Weight

  1. zachandclem says:

    Hahaha he’s hilarious!

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