A Season Past

That long, brutal winter of the Finger Lakes I told you about in the last couple posts?  There are some pretty interesting aspects of it too.  One of the neatest being the drop in the level of the lake.  When the water level drops by two or three feet it’s pretty amazing what gets revealed.

Boat Launch

This is a boat launch, where we usually put the kayaks into the lake.  At this water level it seems like a bad idea.  Whooosh….crunch!


This ladder usually usually underwater to the bottom-most step.  Over the winter it stays high and dry.  It does come in handy for climbing down to and back from the now hard-to-access shoreline.  The lake, when at its normal level, is easy to jump in and out of but without the help of buoyancy and weighed down by heavy winter coats and boots, the winter lake does pose some difficulties in navigating.

Creek Outlet

The creek that has cut the gorge we live in ends here.  Now that Cayuga’s returned to its standard water level this whole area is navigable by kayak almost into the underpass itself.  Oh, you say, so the shoreline has gained six or seven feet in the winter freeze?  Not that impressive.

The Rest

Here’s the view from the opposite direction.  At this particularly shallow part of the shore the shoreline has gained a good fifteen or twenty feet.  The force of the creek’s water has piled up tiny shells and rocks to the side, extending the creek far into the lake’s usual boundaries.  Now there is no evidence of these temporary shores, spring thaws and the flood that follows washed them out.

One thing really surprised me though, finding numerous, tiny, blue claws like this:

Blue Claw

There are crabs in the lake?  Before coming across their tiny dismembered corpses I had never heard about these little guys making a home in our front yard.  I’m sorry I didn’t know about them while they were still kicking (or pinching).  I will definitely be wearing shoes next time I go swimming though.  It’s not through a painful big toe that I want to get to know the next generation!

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