A Life in Proper Ratio

I read yesterday that the average time a woman spends in labor appears to have increased by more than two full hours since the 1950’s.  Whoa.

Many things take us longer to get around to these days.  Young adults are waiting longer to get married and to have children.  Older folks are pushing retirement into later decades of life and our last breath has statistically stretched itself a little further from our first breath.

Since our life is longer now than what our ancestor’s used to be, could labor length have increased in proportion?

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1 Response to A Life in Proper Ratio

  1. Erin Fields says:

    Well…babies are bigger also. When I was born at just about 6 pounds, I was considered a totally average size. If born now at that weight, I would be considered at the very lowest end of average, if not slightly underweight. Babies seem to be expected to be about 7 or 8 pounds — a pound or 2 heavier than 30 years ago. I would think birthing larger babies would also take longer amounts of time.

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