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“Evolution of the Swimsuit” Tells Us, “Don’t Show Your Belly Button Or Men Will Mistake You For a Screwdriver”

I’ve seen this video pop up a bunch on my Facebook Newsfeed, I’m guessing you have too.  Some of my Facebook friends have really loved this video, some have been quite dismayed by it.  I’m no fan.  It falls into … Continue reading

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ANY Man and ANY Woman Are All You Need For a Happy Marriage

Not only do some people think that only men and women can have valid, happy, successful marriage, but that really, truly the only thing that matters is the gender of the partners.  For real.  You don’t need to have shared history … Continue reading

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Arguments Against Marriage Equality Insult Straight Marriages

There’s an argument out there against marriage equality that only oppositely-gendered couples can have a successful marriage.  They argue that same-gendered couples, on the sole basis of their same-genderedness, are bound to fail.  If you are straight and married this … Continue reading

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