Getting Into Things

Henry is just 14 pounds.  Big-ish for a cat, but small for a tornado of troublemaking.  Henry likes to get himself into, shall we say, situations.

Often, those situations involve bags.

Grocery store bags are his absolute favorite.  He starts licking them from the safety of the outside, but eventually works his way all the way in, always, it seems, through the handles.  Often we must rescue him from his impromptu superman capes.


While we’ve theorized that he suffers from a chronic BPA deficiency that leads him to lick all these soft plastics, he’s not immune from the siren song of the reusable bag either.



Even though he attacks these differently, as a hiding place rather than as a nutritional supplement, he still ends up getting stuck through the handles.  Henry the bag cat is always needing rescued from the very bags he loves so much.

Bags aren’t the only thing that draws Henry’s unwanted attention.  Any project that you’ve begun to devote time or energy to inevitably becomes intensely interesting to Henry.  He wants to watch the T.V. shows you’re watching.  He can’t keep his paws off a keyboard that you’re working at.  He wants to hang out with you in the bathroom so badly that he’ll cry and paw at the door until even the most modest person will finally relent to his insistence.

Henry can only be sated by being 100% involved in your current activity.

I’m crocheting a blanket, does he want to chase the yarn ball like a typical cat?  No, he wants to be draped in attention:


Are you doing the most boring of household chores, like putting away dishes?  Henry doesn’t care, he still wants you to notice him.  There’s a rule in our house that no cabinet door can be left open for more than 4 or 5 seconds, just long enough to get or put back what’s necessary.  Or else you get this:



And this is a good scenario.  In this picture Henry has turned himself around and is on a shelf without any breakable china.  But when he’s stuck in a cabinet head-first, penned in on either side by mugs and glasses, suddenly freaking out and grabbing on to everything as you try to pull him out backwards and knocking crockery out at you at the same time you are trying to rescue him?  Just remember to close the cabinet doors when you’re done with them.

But how can we stay mad at a face that stares back at us around that adorable pink nose and those perfectly guileless eyes?  We can’t.  So, I guess we’ll keep rescuing Henry from bags and lavishing inordinate amounts of attention on him.  There are worse fates in life.



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3 Responses to Getting Into Things

  1. It’s good to have you back. Can we look forward to more posts?

    • I believe so. I abandoned my blog basically the day I started my most recent job, but since I’m no longer doing that job, I’ve got some of my time back. But I’m finding it is a little harder to jump back in than I thought it would be.

  2. Megan says:

    He does keep things from being boring!

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