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Losing Faith

I was twenty one when I realized I no longer believed in God. It was the summer between my junior and senior year of college.  I was living in a tiny, hot one room apartment with my fiance.  I remember … Continue reading

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Hymn Replacement Therapy

I’ve admitted here before that I have a rationally insupportable soft spot for Christian music, both good and bad.  But sometimes a strong Christian theme just won’t cut it, it jars too much with my current disbelief.  So I’ve begun … Continue reading

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Still Looking for a Church…Maybe?

Three years ago I formally left both the Catholic and the Presbyterian Churches.  I sent letters to both churches where I had been a member and asked to be removed from their rolls.  In modern parlance, I hit “unsubscribe”.  I … Continue reading

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Wendell Berry and My Atheist Revelation

Wendell Berry values the good life.  He values it enough to stop and ask, “What is it, this good life?  And in what ways can I strive for it?”  His answers are simple, but uncommon. In farming: nurturing the life-giving … Continue reading

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Tough Love

It has been about 5 years since I experienced a significant crisis of faith.  This crisis ultimately became the source of my atheism.  How I got there is a complicated story, one I’ll get to a little later.  I want … Continue reading

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