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This is Not a Food Blog

I do however, really like cooking and baking.  I also find a lot of inspiration and pleasure reading food blogs.  Smitten Kitchen is my current obsession.  Smitten’s author, Deb Perelman, is a fantastic food photographer in addition to her witty writing … Continue reading

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American Food Writing

I just finished a gem of a book, American Food Writing, edited by Molly O’Neill.  Its red and blue gingham cover looks just like a picnic cloth or an old-school Betty Crocker cookbook.  But inside isn’t strange 1960’s style recipes for … Continue reading

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Spiritual Practices

I grew up in the Catholic Church, with all the gold gilding, wafting incense, and calisthenic  prayer performances.  My family said grace so automatically before meals that I was surprised when I realized the string of syllables I had memorized … Continue reading

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