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Misunderstood Labels

I had an argument with my husband while we were dating.  We were watching the news and some talking head had called a politician “liberal.”  He groaned about such an epithet being thrown around a candidate he liked.  “An epithet? … Continue reading

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Magic – Part 1

I’m like Popeye.  I am what I am.  I suppose that also makes me like God, the I am.  I can’t change my beliefs or my broken symbology.  I can’t change my past.  I can move forward.  In fact, I … Continue reading

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All or Nuthin’

I like to argue, no, I love to argue.  My six –nature leads me to find all sorts of opportunities to set myself against opposing forces.  I listen to Rush Limbaugh and to Catholic radio.  I watch the Daily Show … Continue reading

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