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This is Not a Food Blog

I do however, really like cooking and baking.  I also find a lot of inspiration and pleasure reading food blogs.  Smitten Kitchen is my current obsession.  Smitten’s author, Deb Perelman, is a fantastic food photographer in addition to her witty writing … Continue reading

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Holiday Traditions

I absolutely love the holidays, I mean, who doesn’t?  I love getting to do the same things every year with the same people that I love the most.  It is comforting and helps keep me connected to family and friends … Continue reading

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Dangerous Wonder

I don’t want this blog to suggest that I don’t believe there is any good to the American Evangelical(ish) Church.  I have serious problems with it, it’s true, but I also am glad that I was a part of it … Continue reading

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Fall in the Finger Lakes is Bittersweet

Here in the Finger Lakes it is clear that fall has arrived.  Summer hasn’t quite moved on yet, the sunshine is still hot and the zucchini and tomatoes producing wildly.  But it’s dropping into the low fifties at night and … Continue reading

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American Food Writing

I just finished a gem of a book, American Food Writing, edited by Molly O’Neill.  Its red and blue gingham cover looks just like a picnic cloth or an old-school Betty Crocker cookbook.  But inside isn’t strange 1960’s style recipes for … Continue reading

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