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One Must Have a Mind of Winter

You might have noticed.  It’s been kind of a rough winter. Lots of snow.  Super duper cold.  Even the hardiest, most wool and silk and thinsulate prepared of us have been stuck inside for long stretches.  But a few weekends … Continue reading

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The Value of Work

Lately I’ve done a lot of thinking about the differences about men and women.  I’ve been specifically thinking about how differently women and men are valued in the workplace and how we decide what kind of work is most appropriate … Continue reading

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Dangerous Wonder

I don’t want this blog to suggest that I don’t believe there is any good to the American Evangelical(ish) Church.  I have serious problems with it, it’s true, but I also am glad that I was a part of it … Continue reading

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You might have noticed that nothing has been happening around here lately.  That’s because a few weeks ago harvest started.  I’m working at a winery this fall and when the grapes were ready to come in I had to get … Continue reading

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Where to Begin?

I waded into the morass that is modern misogyny in my post about shopping in a gendered world and you’ll see a lot more calling out of ridiculously sexist and absurdly anti-woman things on this blog.  But I’ve run into … Continue reading

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