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An Automatic “F” for Plagiarized Quotes of Exceeding Hubris

It should be clear by now that I kinda like getting upset over folks who say things that are demeaning, libelous, cruel, or just plain wrong about marginalized groups of people (including many kind and courteous Christians who’s image is … Continue reading

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On Usage

I have found it difficult to decide how to capitalize “god” in this blog.  Always using a lowercase “g” can seem disrespectful at times and, at other times, it seems to stick out in a way that calls too much … Continue reading

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If you went to St. John’s, had an kind of classical, liberal, or philosophical education, or just find yourself in possession of more education than strictly required by your job you should read this commencement address given by Salvatore Scibona … Continue reading

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Spiritual Practices

I grew up in the Catholic Church, with all the gold gilding, wafting incense, and calisthenic  prayer performances.  My family said grace so automatically before meals that I was surprised when I realized the string of syllables I had memorized … Continue reading

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